Technical, legal, financial &business translations, 
business interpreting 
German, English, French >Italian 
Each translation and linguistic service is unique and needs to be tailor-made as far as quantity, type of document, etc. are concerned. For this reason I would require you to send me the text you want me to translate, so that I can prepare a quotation correctly. 
A request for quotation is never binding and I assure confidentiality on the information received. 
Calculation and prices 
The calculation is made on the basis of a 1500 characters sheet (25 lines with 55 characters, including spaces) and the final calculation will be made on the source language. 
A price /word is possible in some cases. 
For linguistic services other than translation, I suggest an hourly rate. 
Delivery terms 
I'm able to translate about 6 - 8 sheets in a day.  
The delivery terms shall be agreed according to the quantity and the client's needs. 
The job is considered confirmed with a written notice from the client (by e-mail or by signing the quotation supplied, for example). The confirmation shall contain the agreed price, the delivery and the payment terms.  
- The invoice will contain only 4% Inps, Italian social security (ex. Italian law 662/96 art. 1 c. 212) 
- VAT tax does not apply in accordance with Italian law 244/2007 (art. 1, par. 96-117) 
- Italian tax deduction (ritenuta d'acconto) does not apply in accordance with Italian provision n185820/2011 by Direzione Agenzia Entrate dated 22/12/2011 
Reference materials 
Any reference material from the client will be well accepted. I kindly ask you to point out any information which can be useful to facilitate the comprehension, the consistency and, finally a good quality translation. 
In case of technical translations, a basic terminology glossary shall be defined together with the client.
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