Technical, legal, financial & business translations, 
business interpreting 
German, English, French  > Italian 
Technical: hydraulics, mechanics, automation, design, furniture, sanitary fixtures, ceramics, building industry 
» manuals, operating instructions, technical specifications, safety data sheets, safety and DIN regulations, certifications, patents, test reports, feasibility studies, etc. 
Economic & financial: consolidated balance sheets, supplementary notes, business reports and financial plans, Minutes of Meeting, Articles of Association, statutes 
Legal: civil and commercial law, sworn translations 
petitions, legal actions, disputes, appeals, trials, notarial deeds, power of attorney, civil proceedings, arbitrations, insolvency proceedings, Memorandum of Appearance, memorial briefs, deeds of transfer, certificates of tax domicile, copyright 
Business: supply contracts, contracts of sales and purchase, agency agreements, merger agreements, sole agent agreements, business correspondence, purchase terms and conditions, catalogues, brochures, tender documents, factoring, leasing, letters of intent, insurance policies 
Others: car registration, log-book, birth certificates, marriage certificates, civil status certificates, family status, passports, visa, etc. 
Cooking: recipes 
Internet websites 
Business interpreting 
»  Translator's note:  
Machine translation can be useful for some words, but it could never replace a human translator and human language sensibility. 
Computer-assisted or computer-aided translation (CAT tools) is something different.  It is a form of language translation in which a human translator uses computer software to support and facilitate the translation process. In this way, it is possible to achieve a better quality while using personal skills and the working experience built up over the years.   
• Translation is not about words, but concepts! 
• Two pairs of eyes are better than one! When I'm asked to translate from Italian into German, English or French, I collaborate with native speaker colleagues for proofreading / editing to assure best results.
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